Virtual Production

Your idea to reality in real time

XRSense offers a complete suite of high-end tools to mix live footage and computer graphics to get real-time and interaction feedback on set, faster and cost efficiently.

Our Virtual Production services

Let’s see what we offer you

At XRSense Immersive Experience, we develop Virtual Production projects for multiple industries, supporting you with cutting-edge technologies, technical services and consultancy in every stage of the production at a fraction of the traditional time and cost.

On Demand Camera Tracking

· Camera Tracking Rental
The first ever Hub to perform camera tracking delivering accurate tracking, compatibility with multiple tracking standards, image sync, zoom/focus data readout and communication with world-class 3D engines.
· Lens Calibration Tools and Services

PreVis Services

· Virtual Assets Production
· 3D assets conversion for real-time VP production


· Live Shooting
· Real Time Compositing with Virtual Worlds

PostVis Services

· Post-production